Third time lucky

Blogging and me, we go back a bit. 2005ish, to be precise. Our history’s chequered and our future, who knows? Because all roads were pointing here, I’ve decided to set up this new blog to ramble on about some things that matter to me. You know, those thoughts, experiences and encounters that keep you awake at night, or take you into the middle distance in the day, for better, or for worse.

My first blog was about my small world, crimes against feminism and frothy trips with dear friends. My second blog took a more ahem, literary turn, and inhabited different imaginary people’s heads for a spell. Then, in between times, I blogged over here about cultural stuff for a while, helped out my good pal with some posts and hell, even give professional advice on the stuff here. I also had a baby. Which knocked blogging and then some for six for a while.

This, my third blog, is a bit more laid-back when it comes to mission statements. You may well recognise where the title comes from: and if you said James Joyce and Ulysses, you’d be dead right. ‘Mutely craving to adore’ is part of the sentence that famously took Joyce a whole day to write: “With hungered flesh obscurely, he mutely craved to adore”. It’s a sentence that’s stayed with me for twenty years, a symbol of the time needed to do things right and well. Leopold Bloom experiences this craving in Ulysses when he sees some mannequins in the window in a high-end Irish department store, Brown Thomas.

And it’s sometimes how I feel when I see things I want to connect with. Because there are occasions, even as a writer, I don’t know what to say. Emotion gets in the way. So there’ll be writing-related posts. And literature. A spot of shopping, mainly the middle section rather than high-end. Manners and politeness will figure. Good customer service will make the grade. The fate of our cities, Sheffield in particular, as we try and forge and be the high street and neighbourhoods we want to have. And who could forget Ireland, dear Ireland? Oh, the lot of the exile. But mainly, these humble posts are about mutely craving to adore many things. And sometimes failing.


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